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China's port stunning global, creating a number of the world's first

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In China up to more than 18,000 kilometers on the coastline, majestic birth of the port building is to write a magnificent era of Chinese chapter.

Container of Chinese port

Port, is a country's foreign trade window, is a barometer to reflect the economic situation, but also a country's comprehensive construction of infrastructure to reflect the strength.

According to the People's Network statistics, 2016 global port cargo throughput in the top 10 ports, China has 7 seats. At present, China's number of tons of Hong Kong amounted to 34, 10,000 tons and above berths more than 2,300, forming the Bohai Sea, the Yangtze River Delta, the southeast coast, the Pearl River Delta and the southwest coast of five port groups. In China up to more than 18,000 kilometers on the coastline, majestic birth of the port building is to write a magnificent era of Chinese chapter.

Shanghai Port: container throughput for many years the world's first

Shanghai Port is governed by Shanghai, divided into several port areas, mainly located in the Huangpu River, the Yangtze River estuary south bank, Hangzhou Bay mouth, since 1843 Shanghai port soon became the largest port in China.

Shanghai Hong Kong Container Hub has been ranked first in the world for seven consecutive years. Established a close relationship. Oriental network data show that in 2016, Shanghai and "along the way" along the completion of foreign trade container throughput of 964 million TEUs, accounting for 35% of the total.

Ningbo Zhoushan Port: cargo throughput for many years the world's first

Ningbo Zhoushan Port is located in the northeast coast of Zhejiang Province. Port conditions are very superior, dotted Zhoushan Islands islands, is the port of the natural barrier. The port has now become the container trunk trunk port, the country's largest ore transit base, the country's largest crude oil transport base, the domestic coastal largest liquid chemical storage and transportation base and an important coal transportation base in East China.

According to Zhejiang TV reported that in 2016, Ningbo Zhoushan port cargo throughput exceeded 900 million tons, becoming the world's first "900 million tons" port, for 8 consecutive years ranked first in the world. Ningbo Zhoushan Port also created a natural record of 235.6 natural box bridge crane single machine efficiency. Since 2016, the face of international trade continued to slump, Ningbo Zhoushan port positive docking "along the way" and the Yangtze River Economic Development. The country's largest iron ore wharf - Ningbo Zhoushan harbor Lake Lake pier annual handling capacity of 25 million tons, has successfully tried four of the world's largest 400,000 tons of miners. In the sea, in 2016 only in Southeast Asia, the new route on the opening of eight, a total of 26.

Tianjin Port: the world's largest artificial deep-water port

Tianjin Port, located in the estuary of Tianjin Haihe River and Tianjin Binhai New Area along the coastline, in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei urban agglomeration and the Bohai Sea economic circle at the intersection, is the largest integrated port in northern China and an important foreign trade port The Tianjin Port is in the muddy shoals dug the sea to build Hong Kong, blowing fill the land built artificial deep water port. At present, the main channel of Tianjin Port has reached 21 meters deep, to meet the 300,000-ton crude oil ship and the most advanced container ship in and out of Hong Kong.

According to Tianjin network statistics, as of the end of 2016, Tianjin port cargo throughput exceeded 550 million tons, the container throughput of more than 14.5 million TEUs, the world's port ranked fifth and tenth, the channel level to 300,000 tons Level, becoming the world's highest level of artificial deep-water port, and further consolidate the status of the hub of the global resource allocation.

Qingdao Port: the world's largest container, ore, crude oil terminal

Qingdao Port is located in the Pacific West Coast of Qingdao, China's large port cluster, from Qingdao Port old port area, Huangdao oil port area, Qianwan bonded port area and Dongjiakou port area and other four port area. Qingdao Port mainly engaged in various types of import and export goods handling, storage, transit, distribution and other logistics services and international and domestic passenger services, and the world more than 130 countries and regions, more than 450 ports of trade, is China's important international Trade port and maritime transport hub.

It is reported that Qingdao Port has continued to build the world's largest container terminal, 300,000-ton ore wharf, 300,000-ton crude oil terminal, 100,000-ton coal terminal and the largest bulk grain along the Yellow River basin, which can dock 15,000 TEUs Unloading base, imports of iron ore in 2011 throughput of the world's first port, imports of crude oil throughput in China's port first.

Qinhuangdao Port: has the world's largest coal terminal

Qinhuangdao Port is located in the eastern part of Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province, China. It is located at the eastern end of Daqin Railway at the junction of North China and East China. It is the largest coal export port in the world and the main hub port of China's " And other energy-based output, 兼营 groceries and container transport. As the main hub of the "North Coal South Transportation", Qinhuangdao Port is responsible for the main tasks of coal transportation in the southeast coast and the export of coal for national foreign trade. The annual output of coal accounts for 50% of the total coal in the coastal ports of China.

Sohu data show that in 2007, Qinhuangdao Port annual port throughput of 245 million tons, up 21.7% over the previous year. Which coal throughput of 214 million tons, accounting for 50% of the national coastal port coal water into the world's first 200 million tons of coal output port.

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