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The most common documents of credit, are here!

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Commercial Invoice: Commercial Invoice

Commercial Invoice (hereinafter referred to as the "invoice") There is no uniform format, but generally should have the following main elements: invoice name, consignor, customer, invoice number, invoice date, port of departure, port of destination, shipping marks, Quantity, unit price, total amount, price term, invoice and seal.

Experience Sharing: Letter of credit 45A description of the contents of that must be displayed on the commercial invoice 11, but not exactly the same copy.

2, Packing List: packing list

Packing list is a supplement to commercial invoices, made by the consignor to indicate the name of the goods, specifications, quantity, marks, box number, the number of pieces, weight and size, and packaging and so on.

Experience Sharing: If the letter of credit in the packing list have special requirements, these must be reflected in the packing list.

3, Weight List: Weight List

Weight list is a certificate of the weight of the goods, usually issued by the exporter or manufacturer.

Experience Sharing: Change the header PACKING LIST of a packing list to WEIGHT LIST, and a weight list is done.

4, Marine / Ocean Bill of Lading: ocean bill of lading

The bill of lading (hereinafter referred to as the "bill of lading") is issued by the carrier or its agent under the mode of maritime transportation (mainly liner transportation), confirming that it has reached (or been loaded on) a certain kind of cargo and promised to transport it To the designated place to pay a holder of a valid document with the law.

Experience Sharing: If the credit has special requirements on the bill of lading, these must be reflected in the bill of lading. The name of the goods on the bill of lading must be consistent with the provisions of the letter of credit, but also with commercial invoices and other documents.

If the letter of credit provides a wide range of names, the bill of lading is allowed to indicate the name of the product in generic terms. Unless the letter of credit provides the name of the bill of lading, otherwise, the name of the bill of lading is not in accordance with the description of goods 45A so much.

5, Insurance Documents: Insurance documents

Policy is the insurance company according to different types of insurance pre-designed content format, by the insured in accordance with the actual situation of trade, transport, goods (letters of credit, in accordance with the requirements of the letter of credit) to fill in. Policy is the insurance company as a measure of risk, premium calculation, a policy basis.

Experience Sharing: The date of issue on the policy must be earlier than the date of sailing. The policy should be insured to the insurance company before departure.

6, Quantity Certificate: the number of single

The quantity list is a certificate of the quantity of the goods, usually issued by the exporter or the manufacturer.

Experience Sharing: If there are special requirements in the L / C, these must be reflected on the quantity list.

7, Certificate of Origin: Certificate of Origin, referred to as CO

Certificate of origin is mainly used to prove that the original production or manufacturing country of goods in order to import the source of verification of imports, the implementation of the tariff differential treatment certificate, certificate of origin is also the basis for tax relief.

Experience Sharing: Certificate of Origin on the English name with the bill of lading must be the same name. All as customs clearance documents, it must be the same.

Beneficiary's Certificate: Beneficiary's Certificate

The beneficiary's proof is usually a proof that the beneficiary of the credit issued by the beneficiary has fulfilled the contractual obligations according to the requirements of the letter of credit. Common with the quality of the goods, packaging, shipping notice, sent samples or sent copies of documents and so on.

Experience Sharing: If the credit has special requirements on the beneficiary's certificate, these must be reflected in the beneficiary's certificate.

9, Inspection Certificate: Passenger inspection certificate

Passenger inspection certificate, also known as passenger inspection certificate, is the quality inspection to be approved by the customer in various ways to take effect. Importers of this provision is due to the letter of credit business processing is a document rather than goods, importers in order to prevent the shipment of fake and shoddy products,

Therefore, by themselves or their agents in the pre-shipment inspection of goods and the corresponding inspection certificate issued, if the export of goods failed, the exporter will not be the importer's inspection certificate, which also did not receive payment, play a protective import The role of business interests.

Experience Sharing: The terms of the passenger inspection card in the L / C is a soft clause and a trap. If the customer refused to be out of this passenger inspection certificate, it can not do the letter of credit requirements, credit has discrepancies.

10, Certificate of Quality: Quality Certificate

Quality certificate is the identification and certification of the quality and specification of the exported goods. In our country generally issued by the Commodity Inspection Bureau.

Experience Sharing: If the credit has special requirements for quality certificates, these must be reflected in the quality certificate. If you do not provide who the quality certificate, the beneficiaries out on their own.

11, Shipping Advice: shipping notice

Shipping Advice or Notice of Shipment, also known as shipment notification, mainly refers to the exporter's notification of the detailed shipment of the goods to the importer after the shipment of the goods, with the purpose of making the importer happy Funding, payment, insurance, pick-up preparation.

Experience Sharing: If the letter of credit notice of shipping special requirements, these must be reflected in the shipping notice.

12, Fax Report fax report

Experience Sharing: If there are special requirements for fax reports in the credit, these must be reflected in the fax report.

First, customer access

1, with legitimate business qualifications of domestic enterprises;

2, Open a RMB basic deposit account or a general deposit account at our bank.

3, in line with our management approach AML, customer identification system and the relevant provisions of trade finance credit access conditions;

4, No bad credit history in our bank and / or other financial institutions, not included in the list of AML / CFT monitoring.

Second, business access conditions

1, the sale of goods in the main business scope of customers, and in line with relevant state regulations;

2, there is a real trade background.

Third, the deadline

1, Validity: The validity of the letter of credit from the date of issuing a maximum of not more than 6 months;

2, the payment deadline: deferred payment letter of credit payment period of not more than 6 months.

Fourth, data preparation

1, issuing the application and the applicant letter of commitment, application should be stamped seal;

2, margin business for a single (in principle, the domestic securities deposit of not less than 20%);

3, the domestic letter of credit issuance verification table;

4, upstream and downstream contracts, downstream contracts specify my behavior receivables;

5, the latest credit approval;

6, other relevant information to verify the authenticity of the trade background.

Note: When you apply for a domestic card, you must check whether the other bank has a domestic card contracting relationship with China Bank. If you sign a contract, you can open a domestic card. As of now, our bank has contractual relationships with Bank of China, CITIC Bank, Bank of Communications, Minsheng Bank Guangdong Development Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Industrial Bank, Everbright Bank, Baoshang Bank, Huishang Bank, Changsha Bank, Nanjing Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Huarong Xiangjiang Bank, Bank of Beijing and China Merchants Bank.

The existing financing products under the domestic license: the domestic L / C under the buyer's money transfer, the seller escrow, forfeiting (domestic card under the payment can not be done, billings subject to the limit of the Bank, recommended Forfeiting, Forfaiting prices are now down, the cost of the last 6 months to 4.0)

Latest risk tips

1. To strictly control the business access of the enterprises involved in guarantee circle, mutual guarantee and related guarantee;

2, the risk industries: steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum, flat glass, shipbuilding and other serious excess capacity industries and coal, steel trade, trade and copper and other industries;

3, To be involved in related guarantees / mutual insurance or related party transactions to be strictly controlled;

4, the agent procurement of electrolytic copper and other commodities strict control of customers;

5, to strengthen the verification of the authenticity of the trade background between affiliated enterprises;

6, deferred payment letter of credit period should be adapted to the business capital turnover time, more than 90 days must be issued by the client manager of reasonable period of time paper description;

7, verify the authenticity of invoices.

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