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Since December, some factories in the region once again face the "production, production, stop production"!

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latest news

Starting in December

Some factories in Jiangsu and Zhejiang will be "production, limited production, discontinued"

Nantong: shut down 122 companies

Recently, the Nantong municipal government organized and held a "three-sector" rectification and promotion meeting, reviewing the work in the previous phase and deploying the next phase of work. Nantong chemical companies shut down early completion of the annual task, this year plans to shut down 121 (a), 122 have been shut down (a).

Nantong police declared war "sword cut" action deployment will now until the end of January next year, focusing on remediation printing and dyeing, chemical industry!

Wujiang Pingwang: Every day will be sealed 2-3 home "black households" water companies

November 16, Pingjiang Town, Wujiang water jet loom renovation "jet" action fist attack, the town comprehensive law enforcement, renovation and other departments jointly carry out tackling tough law enforcement and remediation activities, located in Shuanghama, Duanbang, the sea bass Village 3 "black households" water jet looms closed lock. "Reducing spurt" action will become a long-term mechanism. Every day, 2-3 water-jet looms for "black households" will be sealed off and locked.

Yuhang: Open a stop

Latest news, Yuhang 8 textile printing and dyeing plant (see the list below), from November 1 until December 30 only, the single day (1,3,5,7,9 ...) and double-day 2,4,6,8,10 ...) Turn off 24 hours a day! Each printing and dyeing plant total shutdown 30 days and 31 days!

Jiaxing Wang Jiang Jing open three stop four

At the same time, Jiaxing Wangjiang Jing printing and dyeing enterprises open three stop four! Control time for the November-December, involving 15 printing and dyeing enterprises.

Winter is approaching,

Environmental storm did not stop.

Stayed through the December production suspension stop production,

Do you think it is over?


Next, is the real "king fried"!

Ministry of Environmental Protection six "inspectorate" appearance, environmental supervision into normalcy

The six regional inspectors, from the MEP six regional environmental inspection center "upgrade" came.

After being approved by the central government, the Environmental Protection Supervision and Inspection Center of Ministry of Environmental Protection in North China, East China, South China, Northwest, Southwest China and Northeast China was officially replaced by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and was renamed as "Inspectorate".

A major new function of "Inspectorate" is to undertake the work related to the Central Environmental Inspector to further strengthen the supervision. This also means that the Central Environmental Inspectorate will become the norm.

The second round of inspections have to come! Non-compliance at least discontinued for three months

Recently, the party secretary of the MEP, Minister Li Ganjie said: After the first round of the Central Environmental Inspector, the first round of the first four batches fully summing up. Sort out the problems, sum up experiences, further improve relevant mechanisms and supporting measures, and at the same time we are ready for the second round of work.

Prior to this, the MEP released the draft for soliciting opinions from the department in charge of environmental protection on the measures to limit production and stop production. Said that some enterprises did not draw lessons from being ordered to limit production and stop production and rectification. After the deadline for tracking inspection on the 30th, environmental violations reappeared. In order to curb such acts, the new "Measures" stipulates that the deadline for stopping production and remediation for undocumented sewage discharges, multiple discharges exceeding the standard, sewage evasion from regulation, etc. should be changed to at least three months.

Levy of environmental tax levy each year the scale of up to 50 billion

From January 1, 2018 onwards, "People's Republic of China Environmental Protection Tax Law" (hereinafter referred to as "Environmental Tax Law") will begin to be implemented. This means that in another month, the system of sewage charges running for 38 years will be history. It is estimated that after the introduction of the environmental tax, it is estimated that the scale of environmental protection tax levied annually will reach 50 billion yuan.

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