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Surgical Pack

General Pack

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We supply high quality general surgical pack with CE and ISO certification. General surgical pack is used in the sterile operation room for the needs of any surgery. This product is sterilized by EO and packed in a paper-plastic bag. Our factory is located at Changyuan County, “ Hometown of Sanitary Materials”. It takes 8 hours from our factory to Qingdao port. We devoted ourselves to disposable non-woven products for many years and are the OEM of Medline and Cardinal. Hope we can start our cooperation and be long-term partner in business.

1pc   Mayo Stand Cover 80*145cm

2pcs  Op-tape 10*50cm

2pcs  Hand Towel 40*40cm

2pcs  Side Drape 75*90cm

1pc   Head Drape 150*240cm

1pc   Foot Drape 150*180cm

1pc   Wrapper 100*100cm

2pcs  Reinforced Surgical Gown L

1pc   Instrument Table Cover 150*200cm

Main Product Feature

① Mayo Stand Cover: Used As A Chair Cover Or A Bag For Postoperative Waste In The Operation Room. Also Can Be Used On The Instrument Tray.

② OP Tape: Used To Fix The Ducts And Drapes During Surgical Procedures.

③ Side Drape: Prevents Cross-Infection Between The Operation Part And Patients When Covering The Patient.

④ Head Drape: Used To Cover Or Stick At The Art Of Patient Body During Surgery To Prevent Contact With Unprepared Surfaces And To Maintain The Sterility Of Environmental Surfaces, Equipment And The Patient’s Surroundings.

⑤ Foot Drape: Prevents Cross-Infection Between The Operation Part And Patients When Covering The Patient.

⑥ Reinforced Gown: Worn With High Protectiveness, Which Can Prevent The Penetration Of Liquid, Such As Blood, Alcohol And Grease.

⑦ Instrument Table Cover: Parcels The Accessories In An Operating Instrument Pack, Or As A Table Cover On Which The Medical Instruments Arranged When Taken Out From The Pack.

⑧ Hand Towel: Soft And No-Linting, Quickly Absorbs The Extra Liquid.

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