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Surgical Pack

Adult Care Custom Surgical Packs

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A general surgical packs is a material widely used in personal surgery. In this pack, it is usually used for suturing wounds, and in the process of use, it needs to be strictly sterilized before use. Moreover, the use of general surgical packs is very beneficial for promoting wound healing. Therefore, custome surgical packs have become an indispensable device in surgery.You can find our common specification as follow. In addition, it contains a variety of tools, such as gloves, needle holders, sutures, surgical forceps and scissors and forceps, hemostatic gauze and so on. Customer can choose any items in the pack.


1pc   Instrument table cover 150*200cm
1pc Mayo stand cover 80*145cm
1pc Head drape, with adhesive 150*240cm
2pcs Side drape, with adhesive 75*90cm
1pc Foot drape, with adhesive 150*180cm
2pcs OP-tape 10*50cm
2pcs Hand towels 40*40cm
2pcs Reinforced surgical gowns L size
1pc Wrapping cloth 100*100cm

Raw materialPE film, SMS, SMMS, SMMMS disposable   non-woven 
Adhesive Incise Area
Fluid collection Pouch, Foam   band, with Suction port / as request.
Tube holder 
ColorBlue / Green / White
SizeCan be customized
PackingEO sterile package, 1pack / bag, 10packs /   carton or customized
CertificateCE / ISO13485

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